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Coming soon - SCALE Version 5.

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Forthcoming changes include for example: improving the discoverability of proformas in the main menu, not interpreting Backspace at the start of the line as a fast forward, ability to use any directories for the installation and working directories, not writing to any files in the installation directory, adding ability to navigate solely with mouse or solely with the keyboard, making it easier to view the calcs mid-calculation, making it possible to switch between normal/condensed/summary output on the fly, making it easier to go back and forwards when doing a calculation, ignoring clicks outside buttons or text fields, reducing the amount of temporary files written to during SCALE and NL-STRESS runs, allowing SCALE to launch NL-STRESS & SCALE, and allowing NL-STRESS to launch SCALE as at present but without the jumps between different windows.

Work is also progressing on restructuring proformas to make the transition to a single executable program, this has the advantage that information is kept in memory rather than saving to a multitiude of temporary files as at present, which speeds up and simplifies the operation of the programs, and reduces the likelihood of problems occurring.

Demo recorded on Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit.

Demonstration of SCALE

If you install Adobe Flash version 7 or later, then this animation will be interactive for easier viewing, allowing you to:

  • click on the animation to pause/resume
  • click on the timeline slider to jump to that point in the animation

Demonstration of using SCALE proforma 250, to design a rectangular timber section with axial load and bending to BS 5268. The demo starts by accepting the defaults, then shows how to go back to the previous prompt in order to amend the timber grade and enter timber values directly. The demo shows how to add extra notes to the calculation and demonstrates the print preview feature.

Demo recorded on Windows Vista Business 64-bit.